…deck replacement, as it happened!

Update #1: Day 1 went really, really well! Railing lift was a complete success, and deck plank removal is underway!Update #2: Days 2 & 3 went well. With the planks and nailers out of the way, I was able to pull back the membrane along the edge, scrape off the tar and start inspecting the support beams around the perimeter of the Laundry.Update #3: Days 4 – 5 were busy! The roof membrane is now completely gone, and bits of copper trim have been removed as I prepare to start replacing beams.Update #4: Days 6, 7 & 8 were hot! Bill Byrne visited the house to advise me on the best approach to replacing the built-up roof over the Laundry, and one week after the crane lifted the railing, the new lumber beams arrived!Update #5: Days 9 – 12 details, details, details… My focus has been on getting the beam above the Laundry doorway leading outside removed – done! Built supports so beams could “float” temporarily, peeled away hangers, removed stray nails, etc., etc.Update #6: Days 13, 14 & 15 slow – but steady – progress. Carefully removed “floating” beam terminating in the copper clad wall beneath the Master Bedroom, (most delicate demolition effort of the entire project), and got blocking/sheathing in place. Scheduling roofer & copper cladding expert next week!Update #7: Days 16 – 21 demolition complete, reconstruction begins… Cleaned up box beam, (exposing bare metal), re-routed Romex® wire from switch to outdoor outlet, replaced insulation & drywall for exterior wall in Laundry, (now ready to paint).Update #8: Days 22 – 24 meant first bracket was installed today and roofing will be installed a week from now. I’m having 2 pieces of steel fabricated, (the first of which I picked up on Friday), to improve the seam between the wall and the roof. This one went in today!Update #9: Days 25 – 31 required some rethinking… The second piece of steel was test fit yesterday, and Tin Works was onsite to evaluate the copper cladding/flashing needed to complete the project. Roofing delayed ’til 29th.Update #10: Days 32 – 35 = phase one of the copper flashing is done! Tin Works installed flashing today! The flashing/trim that’s found on the exterior wall of the Laundry above the door is now in place. I used this short lull to fabricate two templates for the beam that “floats” along the southern edge of the deck above the Laundry window. You can catch a glimpse in the background in the lower left-hand corner. On deck: steel will go down next!Update #11: Days 36 & 37 prepping for the roof installation… The second piece of steel has been trimmed at the corner, and is now in its final resting place. I’ll lay the 3/8 OSB sheathing tomorrow, er, I meant Monday.Update #12: Days 38 – 40 zzzzzzz…

…waiting and waiting…

Update #13: Days 41 – 42 reconstruction! I installed new 3/8″ OSB, (on top of old 1/2″ OSB), yesterday and bolted the second piece of steel into place, all in preparation of the upcoming roofing installation.Update #14: Days 42 – 44 …one last item [before roofing]. I installed new cant strips yesterday, (Thursday), along the copper clad wall and the CMU wall. The cant strips provide a 45° surface to transition the two-part roofing membrane from a horizontal plane, (the roof), to a vertical plane, (the wall). Yup, 45° bevels in the corners and beveled tips at each end… 🙂Update #15: Day 45 was Roofing Day! A two-part membrane was installed today – first layer is adhered to OSB with a primer; the second layer adhered to the first. We opted for a sandy/tan color, since the beams/planks are going to be waterproofed this time.Update #16: Days 46 – 54 zzzzzzz…

…waiting and waiting…

Update #17: Day 55 was all about phase two of the copper flashing – now done! Tin Works completed the copper flashing today. …and we got to test the new roof last night – the rain started about 8:00 PM and continued until almost 5:00 AM – no leaks, (thank goodness). Deck demolition commences tomorrow!Update #18: Day 56 – 58 = demolition! I had a 20 cubic yard dumpster delivered Thursday and spent the day filling it up with the material I’d pulled off the Laundry roof, as well as the rest of the planks from the entire deck. I’ll start cutting the big beams down tomorrow, (Saturday), and if all goes well, on day 60, (Sunday), I’ll have every scrap of old wood in the dumpster!Update #19: Days 59 & 60 meant out with the old! I spent yesterday getting all of the big beams down, (whew!), cut up and in the dumpster. I spent today cutting eight welds on the two I-beams, (necessary, since they have to come down temporarily for the new wooden beams to go in), and cleaning up all the debris.Update #20: Days 61 & 62 = power washed & ready to go! No deck-related work yesterday, but I power-washed the CMU and box beam, then took a wire wheel to the interior surface of the box beam today. I get to hand-select the cedar tomorrow!Update #21: Days 63 – 66 cedar ordered & ledgers hung! Made a trip to Spellman Hardwoods to hand-select cedar planks on Thursday, picked up shoring posts and a Genie Lift on Friday, spent Saturday with three friends hanging all six ledgers and spent most of today, (Sunday), sanding them. Re-attaching two I-beams is next!Update #22: Days 67 – 68 ledgers weatherproofed and I-beams placed. Monday was a no-deck day and Tuesday was spent waterproofing the sanded surfaces and re-installing the I-beams in preparation for re-welding them in place.Update #23: Days 68 – 70 nailers/blocking… I spent Wednesday – Friday fabricating the nailers and blocking which will be attached to the I-beams. Cave Creek Welding checked out what needs to be done, but it’ll be next week, ugh… Happily, all of the new incense cedar deck planks were delivered Friday afternoon!Update #24: Days 71 – 73 …more nailers! I spent Memorial Day Weekend building the three nailers which rest on the Laundry roof and conducting a side-by-side comparison of wood sealants. Can you guess which one we chose – left, center, or right? 😉Update #25: Days 74 – 80 It’s coming together now! Ordered specially-cut beams for nailers attached to I-beams, treated first 10 cedar planks with Thompson’s, I-beams were re-welded back into place, I built the final versions of both nailers and blocking, then attached joist hangers and dropped glue-laminated beams into place!Update #26: Days 81 – 82 …and then there was one. Now with both glue-laminated beams in place, I’m down to two last beams – and they are huge @ 6″ X 10″ X 20′ each! Todd Laurent is helping cut, drill/route & dry-fit both of these monsters, the first of which slipped into place yesterday afternoon. Below, a shot of the two glu-lams in place taken Sunday evening.Update #27: Days 83 – 84 It’s time for the deck planks! Todd and I finished cutting, drilling/routing and dry-fitting monster beam #2 at about 8:00 AM this morning. First, an image from Monday while we were working on monster beam #1, then an image Martha captured while standing in the Laundry doorway looking upward and to the east shortly after we finished up earlier today.…and a couple more images of all of the beams waterproofed. 🙂Update #28: Days 85 – 90 with planks dropping tomorrow! I got to some of the details blocking deck plank installation, which will begin on day 91. Drilled holes for bolts in beams, used the Genie Lift™ to push ledgers up a tad so they’re level with the CMU wall, installed rest of joist hanger screws and came up with a clever plastic cap to keep water out of the bolt/nut/washer cutouts on the nailers/blocking.Update #29: Days 91 – 94 = final push…All 12′ & 10′ planks have been waterproofed and are now temporarily resting in place on the beams, but not before I took the time to caulk the steel seams and apply flashing to what will be all of the hidden horizontal surfaces. I suspect I’ll be done – I mean really done – by day 100.Update #30: Days 95 – 100 = all done! I spent the last six days of the project caulking seams, applying the last of the flashing, cutting the 8′ planks to size, pulling them back out to coat them with Thompson’s and re-installing them. Martha helped me while I cut off the ends, (see below), and she captured the bottom two images early this morning, (Saturday). The steel railing will be craned back into place next Tuesday afternoon. 🙂…and two images showing the deck in its finished form, (on Wednesday morning):
…and an image of the deck from the Master Bedroom, (taken on Thursday):This was taken the day before we departed for The Sea Ranch, (July 2nd):

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