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So screwed… (October 2020)

I’ve spent portions of the past two weekends hand-tightening approximately 3,250 zinc-plated roofing screws at the Byrne Residence. Faithful readers know this is an annual endeavor, typically completed in April, or maybe May, but definitely before June!

Well, this year things at the Byrne Residence have been a tad, er, uh, ah, different.

Yeah, different.

Over the course of about seven hours spread across a pair of glorious Saturday and Sunday mornings in late October, I managed to complete the project! Martha captured this image as I was tightening the last couple of screws Sunday morning.

Decked out! (June 2020)

I spent this past weekend power washing and water proofing the deck extending east off the Master Bedroom. Martha captured these images, (below), on Tuesday afternoon.

I love the rich texture revealed after applying the Thompson’s Water Seal in anticipation of the inevitable summer storms. In the fall of 2017, I wrote “The incense cedar planks are starting to darken, and the corten steel elements surrounding portions of the deck are leaving their traces on some of the deck planks, as expected. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome either – the structural integrity of the deck has been restored and a beautiful sequence of perfectly-aligned cedar planks stretch eastward from the Master Bedroom – bliss!”

Random sightings on the web… (June 2020)

Martha discovered a blog called OfHouses with an assortment of the 1998 Bill Timmerman images of the Byrne Residence. While I might disagree with the notion this home is “old” or “forgotten”, (hint, it’s neither), the fact it continues to elicit excitement among fellow architectural enthusiasts is heartwarming!

The Byrne Residence featured in recent publications… (April 2020)

We recently learned the Byrne Residence was highlighted in an advertisement by Hopper Finishes in the 2020/2021 edition of Southwest STYLE’s “The Resource”.

We had the privilege of working with Bret Hopper’s team once again in January of this year, after replacing the UNICO System® air handler and American Standard heat pump servicing the Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen. The HVAC replacement project spanned six weeks from late November through early January, with the re-application of Venetian plaster in the Lower Level Bathroom effectively marking the completion of the project.

The Byrne Residence was also highlighted in Dwell Magazine’s April 2020 real estate section, with a number of Bill Timmerman’s photographs from 2015 featured in the article.

It’s been almost 25 years since the early sketches Will Bruder produced for Bill and Carol Byrne were shared with them over the 1994 Memorial Day weekend, and we are absolutely thrilled to know this marvelous example of desert modernist residential architecture still strikes a chord with so many enthusiasts today!

Spectacular Spring Bloom! (March 2020)

This is looking south from the patio located off of the Lower Level Family Room as the sun was setting in late March.

…and a close-up of one of the blossoms!

Happy New Year! (January 2020)

We wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Martha captured this spectacular image earlier this evening at the Byrne Residence, (the first day of 2020)!

…yup, 2020 is definitely getting off to a great start! 🙂

PHX to PDX! (January 2020)

Future Topics:

  1. A collection of images Martha has captured of the wildlife we’ve observed over the course of the past decade since we began visiting the Byrne Residence in the spring of 2010.
  2. A post describing original design considerations and construction details, (covering 1994 – 1998), as well as subtle refinements made to the Byrne Residence since we purchased it, (covering 2010 – 2020).
  3. A special post featuring commentary from the architect, Will Bruder, as well as the builder/former owners, Bill & Carol Byrne.


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