This page contains various updates we posted on the “Recent News” page throughout calendar 2013.

Disclaimer: The embedded links may not work – this page reflects historical posts and while the embedded links were functional at the time the updates were posted, they may not work now.

December 2013

Our holiday visit got off to a rousing start and we’ve had the pleasure of spending time with dear friends over the course of the past week and a half. Of note, an afternoon spent with Will Bruder just before Christmas – he will be guiding several projects we’re kicking off in January – refinements to the Master Bathroom and Guest Bathroom on the Main Level, a re-thinking of the Guest Bathroom on the Lower Level, a thoughtful re-design of the range hood in the Kitchen and a signature Will Bruder design element for the stairway leading to the Lower Level – a handrail in stainless steel!

November 2013

Congratulations to Scott & Debbie Jarson on the successful launch of entirely-new azarchitecture/Jarson & Jarson website and the inaugural issue of Defining Desert Living. We had the privilege of attending the launch party on Thursday, November 21st, at the Bulthaup Studio in Scottsdale, and had the chance to visit with not only Scott and Debbie Jarson, but Will Bruder and Louis Roman, Todd Briggs and Bill Timmerman! What a lovely evening!

October 2013

We had the pleasure of attending the fall 2013 edition of the Home Tour sponsored by the Phoenix chapter of the AIA on October 27th with Scott and Debbie Jarson! There were eight lovely homes featured, including a loft-style living space remodeled by Will Bruder, (see image below). What a refreshing way to kick off our series of fall/winter/spring visits to the desert!

I was recently contacted by the marketing department of ALBUM, the Italian manufacturer of the extraordinary lighting system installed in the Master Bathroom and Office, (on the Lower Level), at the Byrne residence. If all goes according to plan, we may have a new entry on the Publications page to talk about in a future post – very exciting!

September 2013

Congratulations to Todd Briggs and Roger Socha on being featured in the September 2013 edition of Phoenix Home & Garden! I’ve included a link to the article here.

We’ve received reports of Gila monster sitings at the Byrne residence!

August 2013

I’m happy to announce the arrival of two Double Robotics devices in Bellevue, (and soon to be shipped to the Byrne residence in Scottsdale). I’m really excited about the potential of the robots – on demand inspection of any/every room in the house, acting as a so-called “digital docent” for tours of the house without having to be physically present, and being able to accompany each other when one or the other of us is there but the other can’t be, etc. …more on our first experiences with the robots later on this fall!

March 2013

The Ferguson Hill loudspeaker system was recently installed in the Office on the Lower Level. I’ve inserted an image Martha captured a couple of days after the installation was complete – you can literally see through the speaker enclosures! The two low frequency modules are to the immediate left and right of the Apple Cinema Display, with the high frequency modules to the immediate left and right of the low frequency modules. The Ferguson Hill amplifier module is tucked away discretely on the shelf in between the two chairs. First impressions of the sound? …magical!

We recently received our 2012 energy usage summary from APS. While we did manage to use less energy in 2012 than in 2011 – and this was in spite of spending quite a bit more time at the Byrne residence in 2012 than we did in 2011 – the reduction in energy usage wasn’t as great as I’d hoped for. Having monitored the effectiveness of the Nest Learning Thermostats for about two months now, I’m confident we’ll see greater savings in calendar 2013! Here’s my post describing our first full year with a smart meter in place.

February 2013

The new website for Will Bruder Architects launched in February, offering a comprehensive overview of the firm’s philosophy, projects and recent news/events regarding the firm. Congratulations to Will, and team, on a successful launch!

We recently replaced the heat pumps, (again), with American Standard units which were expertly matched to The UNICO System® air handlers they are paired with. Many thanks to Will Heald, owner of Carefree Air, for the thorough analysis, extensive research and meticulous attention to detail he applied throughout the course of the replacement project!

I’m happy to report flawless operation of the Nest Learning Thermostats since the installation was completed a little over three months ago. Due to a mix of both warmer and cooler weather lately, we’ve had ample opportunity to exercise each of the four separate systems used to cool and heat the respective portions of the Byrne residence they service.

And as I mentioned in the update I’ve since inserted in my original post from November, the Nest Learning Thermostats are functioning flawlessly! Once we’ve captured several months of data, I’ll write a post on the reporting features available from Nest. I’m confident we will gain valuable insight into the daily heating and/or cooling cycle at the Byrne residence – insight that wasn’t possible to obtain before now – and thought it would be interesting to pass along to our readers.

January 2013

Congratulations to Todd Briggs and Roger Socha on the formation of TRUEFORM landscape architecture studio in October 2012 after Christine Ten Eyck announced the closure of the Ten Eyck studio in Phoenix last fall.

Recall we worked closely with Todd from the spring of 2011 through the spring and early summer of 2012 on an extensive landscaping project at the Byrne residence. If you’d like to learn more, please see my earlier posts titled …we’ve had rain!, Monitoring irrigation…, It’s a wrap!, ‘The’ tree… and A look back and a look ahead….

I wanted to be sure to highlight this new collaboration between Todd and Roger, as I see nothing but continued success for these talented landscape architects!