This page contains various updates we posted on the “Recent News” page throughout calendar 2016.

Disclaimer: The embedded links may not work – this page reflects historical posts and while the embedded links were functional at the time the updates were posted, they may not work now.

A fond look back… (December 2016)
…made up of several publications featuring the Byrne residence, all placed on top of the blueprints Bill Byrne used to build the home.

Grant Street Studios (November 2016)
In late November, Martha and I had the privilege of touring Grant Street Studios, an adaptive-reuse project in downtown Phoenix, now home to a number of the graduate programs within the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University. Check out this great virtual tour on Vimeo!

Will Bruder on Arizona Horizon (November 2016)

Will Bruder was a recent guest on Arizona Horizon, interviewed by Ted Simons and filmed in one of his most famous structures – The Burton Barr Central Library – in downtown Phoenix. Please click here to watch this most special interview.

PHX Architecture Forum (October/November 2016)

Martha and I had the pleasure of attending the second in a series of architecture and design-focused talks at For The People this past Thursday evening. While we deeply regret not being able to attend Matthew Salenger’s talk on October 13th, we were thrilled to be able to hear Thamarit (Tommy) Suchart describe the design approach he, and his lovely wife, Patricia, apply at their firm.

I’ve also included the full forum schedule, (below), for easy reference. A special “thank you” to Shawn, Chad and Wendell for partnering to put this fantastic series together!

Wendell Burnette Book Signing (September 2016)

Wendell Burnette will be signing copies of his first monograph, “Dialogues in Space”, on Thursday, September 22nd, at For The People, located at 5102 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, 85012, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Please join us!

Update: Wendell Burnette announced the PHX Architecture Forum tonight!

Fall Flurry (September 2016)

Wow, the weeks seem to just fly by! Yes, it’s been almost 3 months since my last round of updates, but not without good reason. We used the summer to tend to a host of small projects, (several of which will be described in greater detail in my next full post), a desperately-needed trip to Seattle, (read “vacation”), and some rather significant redecorating, (all expertly overseen by Martha), at the Byrne residence.

Stay tuned!

Summer Solstice at Burton Barr Central Library (June 2016)

Martha and I joined hundreds of celebrants to mark the solstice at Burton Barr Central Library on Monday, June 20th. Will Bruder and several of the WBA team were in attendance, and Will’s narration added a great deal to the experience by guiding the crowd’s attention to various elements in this remarkable space. Afterwards, we found Louise Roman on the first floor surrounded by numerous Phoenix residents interested in learning more about the proposed Hance Park Plan, as Louise described elements of the design. Fantastic! …and a perfect way to officially kick off summer in Phoenix!

…and some summertime fun! (June 2016)

Martha and I had the pleasure of hosting an “…it’s [almost] summertime…” dinner for several members of the WBA team on Monday evening here at the Byrne residence. It’s so refreshing to discuss art and architecture with young talent – invariably Martha and I are enriched by such encounters! …and the lovely bouquet they presented to Martha will brighten our entire week, to be sure. Many thanks to Cristina, Tess and Hart – WBA’s newest team member!

Will Bruder on Residential Architecture (May 2016)

The team at WBA recently updated an interview he did several years ago for Residential Architect magazine. Here’s a link to the Vimeo video. Enjoy!

Dwell Magazine Scottsdale Home Tour (May 2016)

We are honored to have the Byrne residence chosen as one of the five homes featured on the inaugural Dwell Magazine Scottsdale Home Tour on Saturday, May 21st! On Friday evening, (the 20th), you can attend the “Meet the Architect” event at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, and on Saturday, (the 21st), you can visit five different homes in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley! For more information, please click here.

Update: Dwell Magazine has now published images of all five homes being featured on the Scottsdale home tour on May 21st. We are thrilled with the prospect of being able to see such carefully-considered residential projects right here in the Valley of the Sun! You can purchase tickets by clicking here!

Serendipitous Loop (April 2016)

We kicked off the 2016 edition of the two week long Martha & David ‘epic’ road trip mid-month, and what a trip it’s been! While the purpose of our trip was quasi-utilitarian, we did decide to add a few art and architecture-related stops along the 2,500(ish) miles we will have trekked by the time this little adventure is over.

First, a teaser shot of one of the landmarks we spotted in Marfa, Texas at dusk on the day we arrived in this remarkable little town.

We’ve decided to label this year’s edition the Serendipitous Loop, since we’ve had waaaaay more completely random, entirely fortuitous and otherwise totally unexpected moments than one could possibly expect on a trip like this. Well, certainly more than I expected… Watch for a full post in the next week or so; I promise not to wait a year to reflect – and write – about this year’s trip!

ASU Art Museum “Art+Architecture” Tour featuring Eddie Jones (April 2016)

On Saturday, April 9th, the ASU Art Museum will be holding its inaugural “Art+Architecture” tour, featuring Eddie Jones of Jones Studio. The tour begins at 10:00 AM, featuring three of Jones’ projects, includes transportation from the ASU Karsten Golf Course Clubhouse located at 1125 E. Rio Salado Pkwy., Tempe, AZ 85281 to the three sites, plus refreshments all day long!

Space is limited and reservations are required. Tickets are $125 per person. Please contact Rossitza, (Rossi), Todorova, at rossi.todorova@asu.edu or by calling (480) 965-5299 to purchase tickets.

…and yes, I’ll definitely be there! 😉

To Do, Now Done! (March 2016)

The roofing screw replacement project wrapped up on March 19th and the picnic table restoration project, (teaser photographs below), wrapped up on March 25th. In between, I moved an FX Luminaire low-voltage outdoor lighting fixture from front to back and even figured out how to improve upon the rooftop-mounted line-of-sight microwave radio cable routing implementation I did five years ago.

…more on all of these projects in upcoming posts!

Finish Line (March 2016)

The last of our refinement projects are now complete! The third coat of varnish was applied to the front door on March 12th, and two days later I installed the stainless steel trim surrounding the tempered pane of etched glass recently installed in the Pantry.

While the post describing the fabrication and installation process for the brand new front door just went out, it’ll be a week or so before I can write up the skylight shaft re-glazing project, so don’t forget to check back for the blow-by-blow account of how it all came together…

…and we’ve dropped off the picnic table parts for powder coating – should be ready in about a week – stay tuned for photographs!

Out with the old, in with the new… (March 2016)

3,250. Three thousand, two hundred and fifty… That’s the number of roofing screws binding the corrugated roofing panels to the 5/8 inch tongue-and-groove plywood underlayment beneath. …and this year they’re all being swapped out, (by me)! Bill Byrne steadfastly tightened all 3,250 of them every spring, (sometime between late February and mid-April), and I’ve continued that tradition each year we’ve owned the Byrne residence. I’ll post a more exhaustive description of the replacement process once I’m finished, (likely toward the end of this month), but suffice it to say, the original screws had seen better days – the rubber washers had dried out, and more than a few of the screws weren’t getting a good grip on the plywood underlayment any more. The image, (below), contains one of the original screws on the left, and one of the new/identical replacement screws on the right – what a difference!

Skylight Shaft Detail (February 2016)

The rendering, (below), from Will Bruder Architects outlines the basic elements of the skylight shaft stainless steel trim details in the Pantry. The new laminated tempered pane of etched glass is narrower, (fitting inside the roughly 2 1/2 foot by 7 foot opening), and will be framed on either side with a piece of “L”-shaped stainless steel trim from the floor to the ceiling. A third piece of stainless steel trim will anchor the glass, filling the 4 1/2 inch space from the floor to the bottom of the new etched glass pane of tempered glass.

Since we swapped out the counter tops last fall, we’ve been contemplating this last detail in the Pantry. Originally, a tempered pane of etched sandblasted glass stretched across not only the opening into the skylight shaft but it also covered the narrow walls to either side of the opening, and was finished off with a 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch piece of “L”-shaped galvanized trim capping the corners.

Will recommended exposing the narrow walls to either side, painting them the same shade of deep purple used elsewhere in the Pantry and then framing this new/smaller piece of etched, (vs. sandblasted), glass with stainless steel trim.  Apparently etched glass is much easier to clean, resists finger prints, and is the more commonly-used method for an application like this one where a translucent, (vs. clear), pane of glass is desired.

We’re probably a week to ten days away from wrapping this project up!

The Door(s) (February 2016)

OK, now we are less than 24 hours from having the replacement front door in place at the Byrne residence! I’ll be posting a more comprehensive entry on the blog describing the roughly four five week journey to get us from point A to B. Believe me when I say it was worth every single minute.

Here’s a taste of what it looked like in its finished form:

Brrrr, it’s cold outside! (February 2016)

Yikes! Snow flurries at the Byrne residence on February 1st!

Pardon Our Dust! (January 2016)

For the first time in four years we’re experimenting with a different WordPress theme. We thought it was time to update the look and feel of the blog. Tell us what you think.

1/31 Update: Alrighty, the entire website has been migrated to a natively-hosted WordPress solution, all images have been re-attached to their respective pages and links to external websites verified/updated – whew! 🙂

1/28 Update: I’m in the process of migrating from a third-party hosted WordPress platform to a natively-hosted solution offered directly from WordPress. I hope to have the migration wrapped up later on this week, (week of January 24th), so please bear with me as I clean up broken image references, broken links, etc., etc. 😦

Let’s be careful out there! (January 2016)

No, nothing is wrong with your eyesight – that’s a 3 foot long western diamondback rattlesnake coiled up inside a bait box intended for rodents, (above). Our pest control person made this rather terrifying discovery when he was servicing the Byrne residence the second week in January. While the reptile was torpid, it didn’t take much to stir it up once we’d safely moved it out into the desert and upended the bait box. …and all this time I’d been thinking they would’ve been hibernating. We know for a fact the rattlesnake was active very recently, since these bait boxes are checked every month. A word to the wise – if you’re out and about in the Sonoran Desert, please be very aware of your surroundings.

Happy New Year! (January 2016)

2016 is getting off to a busy start! We enjoyed spending New Year’s Eve day at the Byrne residence with a dear friend before heading to the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa to ring in the New Year. Dinner at deseo was a real treat – incredible food, very attentive staff, all in an unexpectedly visually pleasing setting! Onward! Upward!