A stroll around the property.

This late spring/early summer season has been one for the record books – balmy temperatures, puffy white clouds, more precipitation than expected and extremely happy/healthy Sonoran Desert flora and fauna! Martha captured the following images over the course of the past 90 days or so, each containing a visual delight that was completely unexpected.

Martha captured these next two images one evening as the sun was setting. We’ve observed the desert cottontail rabbits nibbling on the Fairy Duster many times before.

A young bobcat, (a.k.a. Lynx rufus baileyi), has visited the property twice in the past week. The image below was from his first visit early one morning, almost a week ago.

We were sitting at the Dining Room table on Thursday morning when the bobcat suddenly appeared on the patio, lept up on the CMU wall immediately outside the Living Room and peered in at the four of us sitting there in stunned silence! Yes, we were caught completely off guard, because none of us had a camera nearby, so the second image, (below), was the best I could do – a hasty snapshot with my smartphone.

…then the bobcat sauntered down the southern slope, crossed the path seen in the foreground of the first photograph, (above), and followed the wash southward, just as it had four or five days before.

…if you look very, very carefully at the desert floor just behind, and to the left, of the ocotillo in the image below, you’ll see an extremely healthy western diamondback rattlesnake!

The second image, (below), is of the snake’s tail, (Martha had to move about twelve feet from left to right to see it behind the ocotillo). We estimate it was between 3 1/2 and 4 feet long from head to tail – yikes!

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