An oasis of calm…

Recently, I’ve been describing several projects we’ve undertaken at the Byrne residence – in this post, I will focus on the refinements applied to the Guest Bathroom on the Lower Level. I’ve also included a couple of images from the Master Bathroom and an image of the exhaust vent hood in the Kitchen to illustrate points made in a previous post.

First, the schematic prepared by Will Bruder’s office depicting the re-imagined Guest Bathroom, (below).  While the tub, toilet and sink remained in their original locations, the new free-standing victoria+albert IOS tub, Ann Sacks tile, customized stainless steel detailing and Venetian plaster completely transformed this space into “…an oasis of calm”.

Will Bruder recommended replacing the original fixtures with VOLA fixtures designed by Arne Jacobsen, installing a Lutron GRAFIK Eye lighting system, “Flying Hooks” by Goods and surprised us with a corner mirror floated off the walls and above the counter featuring a sandblasted band along the left-hand side, angled to match the exact slope of the CMU wall behind it – it is phenomenal!

This first image, (below), is taken from the door looking west. You see the “Flying Hooks” sans towels in the foreground on the left, the non-directional stainless steel clad access panel on the ceiling and beyond that the polished stainless steel clad “light well”. The Ann Sacks tile is laid in a pattern similar to both showers on the Main Level. Off to the right, you catch a glimpse of the new Toto Aquia toilet – a perfect compliment to the victoria+albert IOS tub which is now the focal point of the room.

The next image, (below), is a close-up of the four stainless steel panels installed at the bottom of the two story “light well”. Each 18″ tall panel was polished to a mirror-like finish and the effect produced by light bouncing off these surfaces is absolutely stunning!

This image, (below), is taken from inside the bathroom, looking east. It’s possible to see how the mirror was floated off the CMU wall, and you catch a glimpse of both the cherry trim and the 5 inch wide translucent band created by sandblasting the mirror itself. The two pieces of art in the foreground are by Johan Hagaman and the late Barbara Zusman. The GRAFIK Eye control pad is visible in the lower right-hand corner, with the third “Flying Hook” visible just to the right of the mirror.

This next image, (below), is taken from the doorway, but several feet further away so you can see the polished stainless steel threshold in the foreground. It serves two purposes – as a smooth transition from the surface of the concrete floor to the tiled surface inside the bathroom and it repeats a design element originally introduced in the two showers on the Main Level earlier this year.

This is one of my favorite images taken so far – the blue hues captured in the stainless steel, the natural light flooding down the walls covered in Venetian plaster, and the illuminated crescent shapes created by the new lighting. The simple lines of the IOS tub and VOLA fixtures enhance the soothing experience the viewer has while standing in the space, as their gaze shifts from the floor to the tub, then to the wall and finally to the “light well” above.

…and Martha’s favorite image taken just seconds after we opened the door to witness the complete transformation of this space for the very first time!

I’ve included the rendering of the Master Bathroom shower, then followed it with an image of the shower in its finished state. Notice the polished stainless steel trim, the non-directional stainless steel bench and the Ann Sacks tile laid in a pattern accentuating the unique shape of the shower!

Again, I’ve included the rendering first – this time it’s of the exhaust vent hood in the Kitchen – followed by images of the exhaust vent hood in its finished state.

…and an image of the exhaust vent hood in its extended position:

Lastly, the ceramic vessel in the foreground is by Tom Alward, an Arizona-based artist, with the exhaust vent hood in its closed position in the background.

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