Glimpses of refinements!

I’ve inserted four renderings prepared by Will Bruder’s office earlier this year, as well as an overlay applied to a photograph taken in the field, (in the Master Bathroom), while the fabrication details were being worked out. …more on that in a moment.

First, this drawing depicts the shower in the Master Bathroom, including the Ann Sacks tile layout and the stainless steel detailing. In early October, I’ll post photographs of the finished space!

As stainless steel panels were being fit in the Master Bathroom, an edge detail was verified before the panels were joined and the final finishing of the surfaces completed. The edges of the stainless steel panels are polished, as is the entire step into the shower space, while the seating surface finish is non-directional, effectively replicating the pattern found on every counter top!

This next drawing is of the Guest Bathroom, and it includes a detailed depiction of the polished stainless steel drain found in both showers. The drain was sized so that no tile had to be cut!

You’ve seen photographs of the new stainless steel hand railing leading from the Main Level to the Lower Level in an earlier post, but this was the drawing Martha and I got to enjoy in February!

Lastly, the final renderings of the exhaust vent hood and stainless steel back splash installed in the Kitchen. We were striving for a simple, clean look, but also needed it to be fully functional. The cherry panel is trimmed with stainless steel, (again a non-directional finish on the flat surfaces and polished to a mirror-like finish on the edges), providing the perfect grip to draw the panel outward, thus activating the exhaust fan. The adjacent cabinet doors were carefully retrofit with brand new cherry trim to achieve a consistent look.

Next month I’ll post details on the updates to the Guest Bathroom on the Lower Level. Will Bruder aptly describes this space as “…an oasis of calm…”, which seems to be a perfect description based on the in-progress photographs we’ve seen in recent weeks!

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