As 2014 draws to a close…

Martha and I had the pleasure of hosting Will Bruder and Louise Roman recently one afternoon at the Byrne residence – our mission was to select, and then hang, several pieces of art in the recently-remodeled Guest Bathroom on the Lower Level.

First, a little background… When the house was completed in 1998, Will selected five photographs he had printed the year prior and gave them to Bill and Carol Byrne. When we purchased the home in 2010, they graciously gave them to us, noting those images were very much an integral part of the house and should remain with it – needless to say, we were delighted – and they’ve been proudly displayed in various locations around the Byrne residence since then.

Fast forward to October… When Will was visiting the house early that month to survey the finished bathroom updates, (described here), he spotted these five photographs, recalled when – and where – each had been taken, and felt they were ideally-suited for the Guest Bathroom on the Lower Level.  We couldn’t agree more with his choice – just perfect!

In this first image, (below), you see the three variants of a photograph taken by Will Bruder at the Kunsthaus Bregenz, designed by Peter Zumthor hung immediately above the tub. He was there in 1997 for the James Turrell opening, and captured these three images by dangling his camera over the edge of the building while up on the roof! They are sequenced red, yellow, blue from left to right – we’ll leave it to the viewer to tease out the meaning behind this particular ordering of the images…

This next image, (below), is of the fourth Will Bruder photograph now hanging in the Guest Bathroom. It’s of the Rio Grande at sunrise, taken near Marfa, TX. The notion of a canyon, the cool blue hue in the sky, the glassy surface of the water – a perfect complement to the three-dimensional pieces sitting on the counter, don’t you think?

This third image, (below), captures the whimsical placement of a series of 44 leaves cast in bronze by the artist J. Hill, currently living and producing art in Houston, TX. While Will Bruder and Louise Roman were at the house in early December, we enlisted their help with the placement of this piece as well – we are thrilled with the result, (above, and to the left of a remarkable nude by the photographer John Casado)! The individual bronze leaves are attached to a narrow piece of beveled trim – Will recommended we center the leaves on the adjacent HVAC outlet and bring the piece out from the corner the same distance as the width of the beveled trim – brilliance!

This next series of images, (seven in all), were taken by Martha in December – they illustrate the incredible cloud formations we are likely to experience at this time of year, as well as the tremendous range of color reflected in the sky from dawn until dusk.

The reflections of sunrise are equally spell-binding.

The middle of the afternoon produced these wonderful, puffy, white formations.

This next image, (below), was taken from the Laundry on the Lower Level, looking southeast. Enormous Saguaro cactus loom in the foreground, with striking cloud formations set against a brilliant blue sky in the background.

Edging toward sunset, clouds toward the east take on a range of pink tones.

This image, (below), was taken from the street running to the north of the Byrne residence, looking southwest – you can catch a glimpse of the CMU wall at the very bottom of the photograph, with incredible cloud formations catching the final rays of the setting sun – one of my favorite images to date!

…and at sunset, we see brilliant oranges as the sun dips below Black Mountain to the west. Appearing to float in the foreground, (almost hidden in the shadows), the cast acrylic tabletop supports a delicate wire basket, which, in turn, is bracketed by several Emu outdoor chairs, thus creating additional visual interest.

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