Spring has, in fact, “sprung”!

We were thrilled to find a Gila Monster prowling around the property on March 24th looking for Gambel’s Quail nests – or more specifically for the tasty unhatched eggs inside those nests!

We had almost two hours of entertainment, while we watched this remarkable reptile make its way down the exterior stairway on the east side of the house, then make its way back up those very same stairs, only to wander up the driveway and across the front of the property, albeit slowly, still in search of dinner. After a brief detour into the enclosure surrounding the heat pumps, he emerged from beneath the western edge of that enclosure, and Martha captured the image you see below. Fantastic!

That same day, Martha also spotted an adult Common King snake literally feet away from where the Gila Monster had been just a few minutes before! Several days later, as we were walking back down the driveway at dusk, we both saw a young Common King snake exploring the river rock in the planting beds at the entry, and three or four days after that, I happened to spot the very same adult Common King snake making its way across the desert in front of the Laundry on the Lower Level, then up the slope to the south of the deck off the Master Bedroom!

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