The Sea Ranch – July 2014 – Part II

Glimpses of our recent trip to The Sea Ranch over the July 4th weekend…

We had the privilege of renting the unit at Condominium One formerly owned by Charles Moore.  I’ll be publishing a separate post describing our impressions of that wonderful space, and I’ll be sure to include photographs of the interior as well – it was simply spectacular!

This first image was taken from Sea Gate Road, looking northeast, across our two lots.

A glimpse of a recently-completed Donlyn Lyndon-designed home taken from the opposite side of the meadow it faces onto.

The sheep are a constant attraction as they move from place to place at The Sea Ranch.

A natural – and extremely entertaining – method of controlling meadow grasses!

This is the stairway leading from the auto court to the interior courtyard at Condominium One.  Isn’t the angle of the shadow and the angle of the hand railing fantastic?

The interior courtyard at Condominium One, looking east.

The first of two images of the cove that’s adjacent to Condominium One.

Can you spot the two seals on the rocks?

One of the numerous slivers of beach bordering the western edge of The Sea Ranch. This is a close-up of the cove bordered by Bihler’s Point.

The hedgerow that straddles the driveway leading from the Sea Ranch Lodge down to Condominium One. This image was taken as the sun was setting, looking east, (up the driveway from Condominium One toward the road leading to the Lodge).

Condominium One at sunset from Bihler’s Point, looking south.

A sampling of the flora and fauna found near the Sea Ranch Lodge, (the Lodge is in the upper right-hand corner of the photograph).

Unit 9 of Condominium One cast in an orange glow at sunset – Martha took this photograph from the driveway, looking southwest.

A final image of the clouds reflecting the sunlight as the sun dipped below the horizon at about 8:45 PM PDT on July 3rd.

…more to come. 🙂

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