Recent additions at the Byrne Residence.

Apologies to our fellow architecture enthusiasts, because it’s been far, far too long since my last post. As we prepare to wrap up our periodic visits to the Byrne Residence, (intent on returning to the Sonoran Desert once temperatures dip below 100 degrees), I thought it made sense to briefly describe several of the changes we made in terms of furnishings this past spring.

First, the strikingly-shaped, deliciously-red Roche Bobois BLOGGER sofa on the Lower Level in the Living Room! Despite seeing BLOGGER in white leather at the showroom in Scottsdale, Martha knew we needed a more vivid color to play off the pale yellow found on the adjacent wall – this watermelon red shade of leather really hit the mark!

Hanging on the yellow wall is an etching by Earl Stroh called “Vaux le Viscount”. On the table beneath it is a ceramic vessel by Ron Bolling, sitting next to a NambĂ© bowl. To the left on the white wall is a mixed media panel by Mayme Kratz. To the right of the door leading to the lower-level guest bathroom is a photograph by Christopher Burkett called “Day’s End”, and to the immediate left of the door, a Nest Learning Thermostat.

The Saarinen dining table and accompanying Eames Eiffel armchairs will eventually be moved elsewhere.

I’ve inserted two views, (below), of the Living Room highlighting the area rug as well as the recently-replaced lamp shades and recently-hung print by Ron Adams. In the foreground are two turned wood bowls by Philip Moulthrop on each of the side tables, and, of course, another Nest there on the wall above the Kitchen counter. The chairs are vintage Florence Knoll lounge chairs, and the side tables are Florence Knoll as well. We’re pretty sure the lamps are vintage George Kovaks dating from the 1970’s, based on a recent visit to RED Modern Furniture.

This image, (below), highlights another relatively recent addition – the new Zonix fans from Fanimation we had installed in both the Living Room and Master Bedroom in April.

I’m particularly intrigued by the pattern of the rug reflected in the horizontal portion of the legs of the lounge chairs, though admittedly, Martha was the one to call this lovely, albeit serendipitous, detail to my attention shortly after the rug was delivered and we laid it out.

This image, (below), highlights a centerpiece bowl Martha purchased this past spring and subsequently placed on the patio table. We’ve really enjoyed the lovely shadows it cast throughout the day, especially those created by the setting sun.

This last image, (below), is one of my favorite perspectives at the Byrne Residence, taken from the Lower Level landing at the bottom of the stairs, looking up and to the west from just inside the door. At the top of the stairs, you catch a glimpse of a ceramic platter made by one of our favorite artists, Jim Romberg. Martha moved it to this new location in April, and thinks it’s now perfectly situated – so do I!

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