Hmmm… Am I looking down at the lip of a canyon in the northern extremes of the state? …or at so-called “synthetic rock” that’s been cast in place along some random highway leading to Prescott, Payson or Flagstaff? …or at something that’s much smaller in scale? …and if so, where might it be?

A hint – if you carefully examine this classic perspective of the Byrne residence, (below), you’ll catch a glimpse of the answer. …there, sitting on the edge of the exposed aggregate patio, just inside the low CMU wall on the south edge, roughly 1/3 of the way up in the center of the image is the answer. This wonderful specimen was discovered last summer – Martha was out taking photographs one afternoon in late May and stumbled – quite literally – onto this rock. She carefully marked where it was, went back to the garage, got a pair of heavy duty gloves, went back and proceeded to carry it up the slope to the patio and placed it where you see it in the photograph, (below). Interesting what snaps into focus based on one’s perspective, isn’t it?

This image was taken in late March, right as the sun was setting one evening. I see so many elements worth calling out in this photograph – the Palo Verde, Ironwood and Saguaro all reflected in the windows, the color of the sky piercing the CMU wall through the void above the barbecue, the pinpoints of light inside the house on both the upper and lower levels, the warm glow of the blue-blackened copper cladding, the west-facing edges of the CMU wall, and the varied textures of the desert flora in the foreground.

Martha captured this image as she walked east on the path – through the Office window, you can see the signature outline of the ALBUM fixture called “SCUFFIA”. You can also see the back side of the Ferguson Hill loudspeaker system through the window, though you’re really looking through them, since they’re clear! The piece of art hung on the wall is a sculpture by John Garrett.

The next image, (below), was taken from the path, just further to the west – you can see the entire CMU wall, the west-facing portion of the A/C enclosure and the interesting cutouts in the CMU wall enclosing the patio. In the foreground, you can see the dry stack stone wall and the desert flora – now well-established – on the slope leading up toward the patio enclosure.

This last image, (below), is similar to the one above, but framed by a Palo Verde on the right-hand side, and a lovely carpet of yellow blossoms immediately below, and to the west of, the Office windows.

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