As 2012 draws to a close.

This is the second post during our holiday visit to the Byrne residence. The past two weeks have simply flown by – it seems like yesterday when we arrived mid-month to enjoy the holidays in the desert!

We visited with friends, we saw some of our favorite places and we simply enjoyed being at the house during this very special time of year! I thought a few final images captured by Martha over the course of the past two weeks might be a suitable way for us to close out our posts for 2012…

This first image is of a study the artist John Garrett created for a Will Bruder client earlier this year. We had the pleasure of visiting with Will Bruder on December 21st at his new studio in central Phoenix – a marvelous space that’s already benefiting from his touch. Toward the end of our visit, Will presented the two of us with this lovely gift – it wasn’t 24 hours before the study was proudly hung in what we think was the perfect spot at the Byrne residence!

The second image is in the Office on the lower level of the house. Martha positioned herself just beyond the work surface projecting into the room and captured several of the ALBUM fixtures in this photograph, in addition to three John Garrett baskets resting on the counter stretching along the west wall. You can glimpse another ceramic piece sitting on the floor against the north wall – a large ceramic vessel by the late Liz Anderson called “Olla” purchased from Cline LewAllen Contemporary art gallery in 1996.

The sunsets we experienced over the course of the past two weeks were truly memorable. This is an image Martha captured toward the end of the day, just outside the Master Bedroom looking east across the deck toward the striking cloud formations we enjoyed most of the day. I’m particularly intrigued by the long shadows in the foreground, including the subtle “sawtooth” pattern on the top of the corten steel ‘rail’ on the southern side of the deck created by the shadow of the corrugated steel roof.

This last image is one Martha captured just after the sun dipped below Black Mountain. She’s made her way off the deck and down the path which wraps around and down the slope toward the patio on the lower level, looking west and slightly north back toward the house.

As we contemplate 2013, I’m looking forward to conducting a thorough exploration of the images Bill Timmerman captured shortly after the Byrne residence was completed, and will be updating the Photographs page with what we hope will be some obscure, yet rather enjoyable, images of the house in January!

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