‘Tis the season!

The first, (of what I expect will be at least two), posts I’ll write during our visit to celebrate Christmas at the Byrne residence this year!

The first image is of the wreath Martha chose from Tim Mitchell’s Christmas tree lot just a short drive south along Scottsdale Road. We used filament to suspend it from a nail placed on the top edge of the door so that it appears to float on the door. This image also highlights the plants located in the beds near the front door, all of which have matured nicely during their first season after being installed!

…and now a short series of images Martha captured during the first 96 hours after our arrival!

This first image is of an angel constructed out of stainless steel mesh – quite similar to the material you’d use in a window screen. The hair is dried moss. We placed this object in the small protrusion which accommodates the far end of the rolling table in the Kitchen.

This next image is of the Nordmann Fir we found at Tim Mitchell’s. Martha decorated this lovely specimen just in time to enthrall our first group of visitors – six young architects and interior designers from WORKSBUREAU. She took this photograph about 10:00 PM from the west patio, looking back toward the east, but out far enough from the structure to capture both the upper and lower levels.

The next image is of the reflected sunset one evening in the west-facing solex glass wall in the Living Room. Martha was standing in the enclosed patio area, looking back toward the house when she took this photograph earlier this week.

This last image is of the view from the elevated deck just off the Master Bedroom looking east in the late afternoon. We’ve had some fantastic cloud formations to enjoy almost every day since we arrived! I was particularly intrigued by the dramatic lighting in the late afternoon and the effect it had on the corten steel, as well as the long shadows cast across the redwood deck.

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