On clients, courage and listening carefully.

It’s no surprise to see so many of the wishes captured in Bill and Carol Byrne’s 1993 letter, (see prior post), reflected in the structure gracing the northeastern quadrant of this unique five acre parcel in north Scottsdale. I say it’s no surprise because I’m thoroughly convinced listening carefully to the client is absolutely central to how Will Bruder approaches each and every project.

Think about what he said in his 2003 essay, titled “Making Memory”…

“Architects work because of the client, not in spite of the client. They are the courage. They provide the opportunity for architecture to happen… They are the people we have to acknowledge and respect. Good buildings happen with good clients, and there are many.”

The article I’ve referenced above can be found in a publication titled Center: Architecture and Design in America, published by The Center for American Architecture and Design at the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture. It appeared in Center 12: THE GOOD BUILDING.

I thought it might be helpful to include floor plans to illustrate my point – please take the time to study them carefully and see if you don’t agree with my earlier statement about many of Bill and Carol’s wishes being creatively reflected in the architect’s renderings.

The top image, (below), is of the Main Level and the bottom image, (below), is of the Lower Level.

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