Licensed to grill!

After over twenty years of continuous use, it was time to replace many of the internal components of the FireMagic Regal I grill at the Byrne Residence. Incredibly, every part I wanted to replace was still being manufactured and available through a FireMagic retailer, so I went ahead and placed my order about two weeks ago…

Here are several images documenting the state of the grill before I began on Saturday morning – this first image is with the grill cover and porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids removed, exposing the so-called flavor grids, which rest directly on top of the burners themselves.

This next image is with the flavor grids removed, exposing the original cast iron burners, and the igniter.

I removed the knobs for the three pairs of burners and the igniter, then removed the decorative stainless steel panel held in place with four self-tapping stainless steel screws attached to the stainless steel grill enclosure. The LNG supply is on the left, attached to the manifold supplying fuel to the three pairs of burners, then exiting on the right to the Regal I side burner, shown in the second image, (below). You can also see the clever design Will Bruder came up with to level out the grill itself to offset the slope of the stainless steel grill enclosure!

In fact, it was the fantastic condition of the Regal I side burner that ultimately prompted me to go ahead and replace the aging components in the larger grill, (might as well keep them both looking great)!

This next image, (below), is the same space with the grill frame removed, and before I gave it a very thorough scrubbing. I’ve also removed the cinder block segments and small sections of wire cloth I installed about four years ago, opting to improve ventilation with long coils of wire cloth wedged into the narrow gaps between the stainless steel enclosure and the CMU wall along the back.

This next image, (below), is the same view as the image above, but with the grill frame back in place after the six new cast stainless steel burners have been installed, along with six new air shutter springs, three new heat shields, new nylon tie-wraps for the igniter wiring and after the interior of the stainless steel enclosure has been thoroughly scrubbed.

Here’s what it looked like with the six new cast stainless steel burners installed…

…and an image with the new stainless steel flavor grids and replacement porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids installed.

Of course, the real test came later in the evening when I fired up the grill, calibrated the air shutters, (small openings in the ends of the burners), and proceeded to grill several chicken breasts on those new porcelain cast iron cooking grids! 🙂

I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome – the heat being emitted from each of the six cast stainless steel burners is very consistent, and with improved ventilation, it remained that way the entire time I was grilling. Needless to say, both Martha and I are looking forward to a summer of grilling adventures!

…heck, I might even give the interior surfaces of the grill cover a thorough scrub with some Simple Green cleanser!

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