…it’s So Scottsdale …and Uptown [Phoenix]!

In February, Martha was contacted by Phoenix-based photographer, Claudia Johnstone, to set up a fashion photography shoot at the Byrne Residence. When Claudia spoke to Martha, she said she had recently related her vivid memories of visiting the house when the Byrne Residence was featured on the AIA tour back in April 2010 to a mutual friend. That mutual friend, also an architectural enthusiast, encouraged Claudia to contact Martha, and, as they say, the rest is history!

Claudia’s images were published in the March 2019 issues of So Scottsdale! and the Phoenix edition of Uptown.

Martha captured this wonderful image, (below), as the outfits were being chosen early on the day the photo shoot took place…

Both magazines are also available online via Issuu. So Scottsdale! can be viewed here and the Phoenix edition of Uptown can be viewed here.

We were truly honored to have been chosen by Claudia for this fashion photography shoot, and we couldn’t be happier with the images found in both publications – a complete success!

Lastly, in the event the links above expire, I’ve included a link to .PDF versions of So Scottsdale! and Uptown.

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