Drone footage of the Byrne Residence!

Scott Jarson of azarchitecture.com, Jarson & Jarson Real Estate joined Martha at the Byrne Residence recently to capture drone footage, (as well as interior images), which will be incorporated into brand new online marketing material featuring the house.

In fact, there are two versions of the video available: one about a minute and a half long and another that’s about 45 seconds long. Check them both out!

In this first image, (below), you can see the photographer/drone operator, Ryan Nelson, preparing to lift off.

The drone itself can be seen in the very center of this next image, (below), just above the clouds.

Now Ryan Nelson begins capturing sweeping views of the surrounding Sonoran desert as he pilots the drone back and forth over the house.

After the drone footage was captured, Ryan Nelson turned his attention to a series of interior images.

The Office on the Lower Level of the Byrne Residence is always a favorite for first-time visitors, and Ryan Nelson was no exception! He really enjoyed the playful low-voltage lighting system called “Orbite” from ALBUM Italia.

This lighting system was designed/introduced by Pepe Tonzi twenty years ago – the same year the Byrne Residence was completed – and it looks as cutting-edge today as it did the day Carol Byrne and Will Bruder spotted it at an Italian design expo in Las Vegas, NV in the fall of 1998!

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