I’ve got to Dwell on it…

Alrighty. I don’t mind saying I’m ready for a nap…

The inaugural Dwell Magazine Scottsdale Home Tour is now in the history books! On Friday evening, May 20th, the Dwell team hosted a “Meet The Architects” event at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, then all day on Saturday, May 21st, tour participants had the opportunity to experience five remarkable homes in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, including both the Byrne residence and the Jarson residence.

Based on early feedback from the tour organizers, participant feedback was universally positive and over 500 tickets were sold – astounding! A big “Thank You!” to Tammy Scott, (and her entire team), at Dwell, the docents from SMoCA who volunteered and to the other 4 proud owners who opened their beautiful homes for the tour.

I’m sure the photographs on the Dwell Instagram page are going to be better than anything I snapped with my camera phone, so definitely check it out!

OK, before I delve into the details leading up to Saturday, I want to give a quick shout out to Will Bruder’s office – the WBA team really did Will a solid on Friday night at SMoCA, and I can’t say thank you enough for the level of personal support Will lent to this entire effort just days before he and his lovely wife, Louise Roman, departed for a two week trip to China.

…heck, Will Bruder even called me at 5:30 AM on Sunday, (Shanghai time, where he and Louise were the day of the tour), to see how things were going. Who does that?! …Will Bruder does.


  1. Some 300+ architecture enthusiasts pack into the Will Bruder-designed Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art for the “Meet the Architects” event on Friday night. Check.
  2. Hundreds of enthusiasts trek to the extreme northern border of Scottsdale to tour the Byrne residence. Check.
  3. Hundreds also make their way to the Jarson residence, and have the opportunity to visit with both Scott & Debbie Jarson, co-owners of AZarchitecture.com/Jarson & Jarson Real Estate. Check.
  4. WBA has a full page advertisement in the Dwell Magazine Scottsdale Home Tour “maplet” featuring a third Will Bruder-designed home, the Hill Sheppard residence. Check.

…I’m starting to think about renaming this weekend the “Bruder-a-rama”, or maybe the “Bruder-a-thon”!

…guess I’ll have to Dwell on it. 😉

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  1. Oscar De Las Salas
  2. Tammy Scott

…and finally, links to the four pages we prepared to brief the docents on the Byrne residence.

The first page describes how to move through the home as a tour participant, page two contains various facts about the home, while pages three and four describe various features found in each room following the sequence described on the first page.

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