Sonoran Lite

While the title of this post is subtle poke at the official title of a rather extraordinary exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden, by famed installation artist, Bruce Munro, the underlying notion of the rather hypnotic effect of light – both natural and artificial – in the desert is anything but…

These are four of the images captured by Bruce’s photographer, Mark Pickthall, at the garden in recent weeks. To stand in the center of “Water Towers”, (below), close your eyes and be swallowed by the melodic sounds enveloping the entire installation is magical, simply magical…

After a short walk on the meandering paths through the garden, you arrive at the base of “Field of Light”, (below), done DBG-style! We were encouraged to veer to the right, and traverse the loop trail counterclockwise – it turned out to be very good guidance indeed!

If you continue back toward the entrance to the garden, you’ll find yourself walking through an installation called “Fireflies”, (below). The evening the exhibit opened to DBG members, there were multiple performance artists gliding slowly in, and around, several of the larger installations, and each performer’s costume was adorned with tiny LED’s. Martha and I paused to observe one performer illuminating a ballerina with a handheld projector as she slowly spun, gesturing upward and outward toward the gathering crowd – how fun!

…as we ventured back toward the entrance gates, we paused again by a suspended installation called “Saguaro”, (below).  Minutes later we had a brief, but rather serendipitous encounter with Lisa Sette, her husband Peter Shikany and none other than Bruce Munro – what are the odds of that?!

We quietly found our way back to the car and spent much of the return trip home to the Byrne residence in silence.  I think the radio was tuned to the classical station.

Me? Well, I was contemplating the sights and sounds of the evening. To see the subtle nature of the Sonoran landscape interpreted so deftly, yet in such an unexpected, (and rather delightful), manner must’ve prompted my introspective bout. I hope it lasts a while…

…yeah, I think it will.

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