What’s the angle?

…our first visit of the season is now in the history books! Having been inspired by what we observed during the fall 2013 edition of the home tour sponsored by the Phoenix chapter of the AIA, Martha decided to introduce a few new angles at the Byrne residence. Here’s a sampling of images she captured shortly after having done so.

This first image, (below), builds on a photograph I included in the July post describing recent interior changes at the Byrne residence – here we’re highlighting the Roche Bobois BLOGGER sofa we’ve placed on the Lower Level in the Living Room – the sofa is now set at an angle relative to the wall in front of it.

To the left, hanging on the yellow wall is an etching by Earl Stroh called “Vaux le Viscount”. To the right of the etching is a photograph by Christopher Burkett called “Telluride Aspens, Colorado”. We moved the ceramic vessel by Ron Bolling over next to the Basis 1400 turntable and the Shanling CD T-100 CD player, flanked by Esoteric MG-20 loudspeakers. Additionally, we’ve pulled out a raku ceramic vessel by the late Liz Anderson called “Olla” and placed it on the table where the Bolling vessel used to be.

The Saarinen dining table and accompanying Eames Eiffel armchairs now look right at home!

We moved two Eames Eiffel armchairs over to sit in the space to the right of the sofa, with an Eileen Gray table nestled in between. Lastly, above the credenza, we’ve hung two Michael Kenna photographs with an image by Margaretta Mitchell of Ruth Bernhard’s hands centered between them. …and tucked in the corner, (suspended from the ceiling), is a lovely John Garrett maquette.

The next image, (below), is of the Living Room. The chairs are vintage Florence Knoll lounge chairs, and the side tables are Florence Knoll as well. Martha placed the rug at an angle, then re-oriented two of the Knoll chairs – isn’t the effect fantastic? Above is a mixed media panel by Mayme Kratz we’ve wanted to bring upstairs and try against the deep purple wall. It’s called “Pale Dream 2”. There are turned wood bowls by Philip Moulthrop on each of the side tables. We’re pretty sure the lamps are vintage George Kovaks dating from the 1970’s, based on a late spring visit to RED Modern Furniture.

I’m particularly intrigued by the pattern of the rug reflected in the horizontal portion of the legs of the lounge chairs, though admittedly, Martha was the one to call this lovely, albeit serendipitous, detail to my attention shortly after the rug was delivered and we laid it out.

…wow, the composition of this final photograph is magical – I just love it!

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