This is a relatively short post – a single image taken by Martha looking north from the ridge on our neighbor’s property toward the Byrne residence, followed by three images of the exterior stairway on the east side of the Byrne residence reflecting how well the plants have establishd themselves this past summer.

We spent Thanksgiving with our neighbors, Al and Ann Austin, who own an adjacent 10 acre parcel, and have lived in the immediate area several decades. We had the privilege of meeting their children, meeting dozens of their friends and ended up consuming entirely too much food on what was a picture-perfect Thanksgiving Day. We really do have much to be very, very thankful for!

Martha took the opportunity to capture the Byrne residence from a slightly different perspective, (the view from the Austin’s parcel), and I’m particularly pleased with this image, (below)!

The specimens Todd Briggs chose for the stairway have firmly taken hold – the following three images illustrate how quickly desert plants can establish themselves when supplied with the appropriate amount of water during what is typically a challenging time of year.

The following two images focus on the northern CMU wall and southern CMU wall respectively, enabling the reader to see how the individual plants are beginning to spill over the edges of the rocks and corten steel risers in rather interesting ways…

We both commented on how happy we were to see the vine beginning to creep up the southern CMU wall and will devote time and energy to training the tendrils as they continue their journey upward.

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